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Jumpin' Jack's Terriers

Puppy Milestones

9/22/2020 Bitsy's little ones decided today was the day they were going to make their debut into the world. 

Hello, I am Luther and I was the first to arrive, weighing 7oz with an arrival time of 2:14pm

I am Female #1, I arrived weighing 6 oz with an arrival time of 3:01 pm

I am Roxy, I arrived weighing 5.5 oz with an arrival time of 3:13 pm

I am Female # 3, I arrived weighing 6 oz with an arrival time of 3:44 pm

 9/27/2020 We are growing so fast, all this eating we do is definitely showing.

Male # 1 today I weighed 10 oz

Female # 1 My weight today was 9.5 oz

Female # 2 And mine was 8.5 oz

Female # 3 I came in at a whopping 10 oz too

9/29/2020 1 week old today and growing so fast.

Luther, I have a name now. I am at a whopping 13 ounces today

Female # 1 I am catching up to my brother rather quickly at 12 ounces today

Roxy , I too now have a name I am 11.5 ounces today, I am getting there.

Female # 3 I am a big girl, like my brother I like to eat, I am at 13 ounces today too.

10/06/2020 we are officially 2 weeks old now. We have decided to open are eyes and see the world. We are all growing so fast. our weights today were :

Luther : 1 lb 4 1/2 oz

Penny: 1 lb 2 oz

Roxy: 1 lb 1 oz

Gracie: 1 lb 3 oz





10/13/2020 3 weeks old and getting so active now, we have found our sounds and are beginning to learn to play. Everyday we are growing more active. Angela thought we could use a little fresh air so we ventured outside for the first time today. I think we enjoyed our short time outside.

Our weights today are:

Luther: 1 lb 11 oz

Roxy: 1 lb 7 1/2 oz

Penny: 1lb 11 oz

Gracie 1lb 9 1/2 oz

10/20/2020 We are 4 weeks old today and have become so active and playful now. We received our 1st dewormer and we were introduced to solid food today, Boy did we love that stuff, we made a huge mess of ourselves and the floor. We have gained more weight as you can see.

Our weights this week were:

Luther: 1lb 13 1/2 oz

Roxy: 1 lb 9 oz

Penny: 1 lb 14 oz

Gracie: 1lb 10 1/2 oz

10/27/2020 We are 5 weeks old now and WOW, have we begun to play. We now bark, run and climb, we are eating solid food now and getting so much bigger, as you can see by our weights today.

Luther: 2 lb 8.5 oz (i'm a big guy)

Roxy: 2 lb 1/2 oz (i'm the lil' sister)

Fifi ( my new family has settled on my new name, I am now Fifi Perdun): 2 lb 4 1/2 oz (i'm not too far behind)

Gracie: 2 lb 2 1/2 oz {i'll catch up)

We love play time!

Everyone fell asleep, but Lil Gracie still wanted to play

11/03/2020 We are officially 6 weeks old today and already hyper as ever. Today we received our 2nd dewormer and our 1st DHPP Vaccine. We also got our first nail trims, our lil nails were long. As you can see by our weights today, we are growing fast. We were introduced to our Aunties Kiara and Hanna today, we had so much fun playing with them.

Luther 3 lb 1/2 oz

Roxy 2 lb 8 1/2 oz

Gracie 2 lb 13 oz

Fifi 2 lb 13 oz

11/12/2020, well we are 7 weeks now, as of 2 days ago, We have grown up so fast. We received our microchips today and took it like champs. This will be our last update, as we will all be leaving to our new forever homes soon.we did get our weight checked again this week and wow, have we grown.

Luther 4 lbs 1/2 oz

Roxy 3 lbs 1/2 oz

Gracie 3 lbs 4 oz

Fifi 3 lb 8 oz