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Jumpin' Jack's Terriers

We are currently adding to our Winter 2022/2023 waitlists.  Our AKC Shorty pups start at $2,000 with limited registration, full AKC is available at an additional charge.  Thank You for your interest in our wonderful little dogs.   If you would like to be placed on one of our pick of litter waitlists, we only take one male and one female pick of litter hold per litter, this waitlist does require a $500 hold deposit. Deposits do go toward the puppy purchase price, when pups arrive,  once all 1st pick holds are spoken for, we will offer the remaining pups to our Standby waitlist in order. 

Click to be placed on one of our pick hold lists

Click here to be added to one of our Standby Waitlists

Planned Breedings

 Waitlist (In Order)‚Äč

November  2022  Smooth

Hailey / Flash

                                                                         Pick of Litter Holds

 Pick of LItter male - Cynthia Ochoa

Pick of Litter Female -Open

3rd Pick of litter Hold (No Preference of M/F) - Anthony Reyes

Standby Waitlist

Carol Anne  Martinez - Male

Alyssa Flores - Female

Susanna Acosta - Female

Robert Phillips - Male

November 2022 Smooth

 Jumpin' Jack's Flash / Bitsy



                                                              Pick Of Litter Hold

                                                       Pick of LItter male - Pending

                                                       Pick of Litter Female - John Bruckman

                                                      3rd Pick of litter Hold (No Preference of M/F) - Pending


                                                                 Standby Waitlist   

                                                         Dan Baldwin - No Preference

                                                         Cristina Medina - Female    

                                                         Elizabeth Garcia - Male

                                                         Megan Griffin - Male

                                                         Alyssa Martinez - Female

                                                         Vannessa Gome - Female

          February 2023  - Rough Coats          


                                                                                Pick Of Litter Holds

                                                      Male -  Pending        Female - James Martinez

                                                              3rd Pick of litter Hold (No Preference of M/F) - Open Pending 

Standby Waitlist

Doug Davidson - Female

Christopher Kelly - Male

Elida Valdez - Male

Cristine Harper - Female

Sergio Marquez - Female

Marcus Peterson - Male

Kevin Alarcon - Female

Jenny Le Blanc - No Preference

Hailey Ramos - Male

Leesie Jakubczak - Female

February/March 2023 Broken/Rough Coats


 Waitlist To Come