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Jumpin' Jack's Terriers

Planned Litter Updates

Our spring 2022 Litter is expected to Arrive ~the 1st week of April 2022. We will post pregnanacy updates here. 

03/10/2022  We have officially confirmed pregnancy via Relaxin test and ultrasound. Pups due ~ 1st week of April.

03/26/2022 Update:  

Well, we are expecting a full house with this litter,  x-rays confirmed at least 6, possibly 7 pups. We expect them to arrive within the next weeks.

04/02/2022 Prenatal ultrasound this morning, Strong Puppy Heartbeats! She's at 59 days today, pups set to arrive any day now. Mommy is Huge, can't wait for her to get these lil' ones out!

Mommy's resting comfortably in her whelping pen. 

Still has enough energy to play though‚Äč